Can mental ill health be treated?

Responding to early signs of a mental illness means treatment can be most effective. Like physical illness, you are not alone and you don’t have to be alone, there is always hope and help.

  • Causes of mental ill-health
  • Behaviours eg risk-taking, illicit drugs, too much caffeine.
  • Environmental – family upbringing, social environment – school and work environment, national climate eg war, distressing or traumatic event.
  • Biological causes that may be hereditary or a medical condition such as heart diseases or diabetes

Psychologists evaluate behaviours, symptoms and in some cases biological causes to determine diagnosis and prescribe treatment. Sources of information can be obtained from questionnaires, assessments and your medical information.
Insights from carers is another sources, for example, when mental illness affects a person’s ability to think clearly and judgement is clouded. Your psychologist will engage with you in the first session or two to gain further insight. 

Treatment approaches
Broadly, psychologists engage clients in talk-therapy to raise clients’ awareness and empower them to see and make good choices that will help them lead a better life.

Sometimes medication is prescribed by the GP or psychiatrist. I do not prescribe medication. Treatment is tailored to each specific client’s symptoms and special needs. Often more than one condition is present, but regardless of this, more than one type of treatment is usually required. 

Treatment success does depend on the skills of the therapist and most importantly your decision, work and effort. You don’t have to be alone in your recovery journey.

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