What are Dr Lim's techniques?

Every client is unique.
Together, with a LIVING LIGHT mindset, we may employ any of the following therapeutic approaches to attain a more satisfying life.


Dr Lim uses a range of proven strategies for assisting clients including cognitive behavioural therapy, interpersonal therapy, motivational interviewing, mindfulness, problem solving and relaxation strategies. She is a practitioner of The Richards Trauma Process.

The first session or two will be spent on getting to know what brought you to counselling, your history and your present needs. You will be asked what your priority is so that therapy can begin with your most pressing concern.

Typically at the end of each session, you are offered practical guidelines and steps to effect your desired change. It is important that you go at a comfortable pace, seek clarification as there is no such thing as a trivial question, and feel safe and at ease at all times.   

The end-goal of your time with Dr Lim is LIVING LIGHT – relieving you of unhelpful worry, stress , emotional burden and past baggage, stopping self-sabotage and regaining control so that you can live a healthy, meaningful and fun life that is lighter and freer.


Trauma can be life-threatening, be it distressing or just quietly disconcerting. If not properly processed, these experiences can be stored in our unconscious mind and can wreak havoc in your life going forward.

Trauma can influence your career and choice of partners, it can impact on how you will bring up your children, and affect your mental health. Trauma  simply runs your life without you even realising it.  

The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP) is a  quick, safe and effective treatment for many people.  I’ll be glad to discuss the suitability of TRTP for your needs.    

Relationship and Couple Therapy for individuals and couples with Dr Lim is based on the Developmental Model that enhances unity through self-empowerment. 

It seeks to empower and grow you individually as much as it seeks to restore and grow your relationships. 

Whatever your issues, you will find space during our sessions for your voice to be heard in your relationship.

Some couples experience behaviours that are passive-aggressive, conflict-avoidant, love-avoidant or emotionally distant. Others feel shut down or shut out and have no idea why this is happening. Or there is disquiet in your heart and you don’t know  where to take that.

I will help you grasp what is happening in your relationship and together we will explore ways to change these patterns for the better. You will be empowered and given skills to take the next steps.    

Treatment time varies depending on client needs. Each client and situation is unique. Typically a new client will see Dr Lim weekly in the initial weeks, and go from there.

My clients are always welcome to stay in touch for mentoring, coaching and/or check-in after treatment is complete and mental health concerns are resolved. 

Explore my blogs to find reminders of your post-treatment care. You’re welcome to pop in there from time to time to see what you can do to help you stay emotionally fit and healthy.

Living Light

Costs and Medicare

If you are referred by a GP or a psychiatrist with a Mental Health Treatment Plan (Better Access) you are eligible for Medicare rebates for six initial sessions followed by another four if required. Due to COVID, a further 10 sessions may be available to you. COVID items are in place until December 2022 and clients may claim up to 20 sessions each calendar year until then.

A standard telehealth session is 60 minutes.
An individual session is $180 and a couple session is $250.
For an individual with a Medicare card, $89.65 can be claimed back through Medicare. 
You can request for extended session times and these will be billed accordingly.

Some clients claim benefits via their private health insurance provider. Please check with your provider before making a booking. Private-pay sessions are also available.


Most people think of trauma as a life-threatening event, such as a fire, an accident or abuse. However, even an unkind comment, overheard as a child, can be considered traumatic enough to a sensitive individual to hold them back later in life.

People see psychologists to escape mental anguish, pain and fear, or when they are simply too unhappy and tired to manage as successfully as they would like.

At the root of this dissatisfaction with their lives and unhelpful behavioural patterns, there are often hidden childhood or recent experiences.

As a psychologist, I take my clients back safely to the aftermath of events, to reprocess their experiences, from feeling powerless to feeling empowered, from feeling defeated to feeling some sense of justice, and from feeling threatened to feeling safe.

This three-week process removes invisible triggers that have been holding them back.

There is always hope and help.

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