Eight everyday actions for a healthy body and mind

  • Sleep and rest – the most important thing, be mindful of sleep hygiene.
  • Enjoy some sunshine – it’s free and produces happy hormones. Get some fresh air into your lungs and clear your mind. Try to sit in a part of the house that gets some sun for 20 minutes a day. Combine it with exercise!
  • Breathe deeply – make use of the whole lungs and get that oxygen into every cell in your body and brain for optimal functioning. It takes no extra time, and produces great benefits.
  • Exercise and move – find what suits you, gym isn’t the only way to get sufficient movement into your day. Walk around the block, get into the garden, clean the house and clock up those 10,000 steps.
  • Food and diet – eat sensibly. Start with what your body tells you it likes. Do good to your body, and do no harm to it.
  • Social connection – there is a place for all sorts of relationships. Know where each of your relationships stands and behave accordingly. Nurture friends you know are good for you. Even a phone chat is helpful.
  • Enjoy a hobby just for fun, to do with others, or by yourself.
  • Spirituality is important for a lot of people. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude, even for small things.

Easier said than done? Ask Psychologist Dr Lim.