Stuck in the past?

Is the past holding you back?

Is the past holding you back? Is a past experience triggering your hurt and pain? Is a past incident tipping you over the edge into self-destructive behaviours and negative self-beliefs? Is the past interfering with your present relationships? Is it holding you back from being the best in what you are doing? Keeping you in a state of perpetual stress, anxiety and or depression?
The past doesn’t have to be life threatening to be traumatic in its impact on you and your life. A careless word to a child (you’ll get fat if you eat one more of those) or a difficult decision (putting a child with carers so that mum and dad can go to work to pay the bills) can play into the child’s tender feelings and developing ideas that lead to problems in later life.
Many people know logically to put their past in the past, life is good now, and there’s no danger. Some people are not even aware of how their past is impacting on their present. And so emotionally they remain stuck in the past and unable to fully enjoy what is good in the present.
If this is you, there is hope and there is help. Ask Dr Lim.