Ways to release stress

Deep breathing and muscle relaxing exercises can help. Type “Deep Diaphragmatic Breathing (DDB)” into your search engine. You can also search for “Progressive Muscle Relaxation” exercises (PMR). Start and end the day with a short meditation, including spiritual meditation if you are inclined that way. Talk to someone trusted family and friends. Minimise contact with […]

The therapeutic journey

The therapeutic journey Making changes for the better can be simple as making a decision. The therapeutic journey is simply about making a decision, changing and growing. Every change starts with a conscious decision to want to change and grow. Otherwise, it’s just wishing that the world will change for you, which is not very […]

Stuck in the past?

Stuck in the past? Is the past holding you back? Is the past holding you back? Is a past experience triggering your hurt and pain? Is a past incident tipping you over the edge into self-destructive behaviours and negative self-beliefs? Is the past interfering with your present relationships? Is it holding you back from being […]

Responding to everyday stresses

Responding to everyday stresses Is normal life getting you down? There are coping skills that can be taught, to help reduce stress in everyday situations. One small step is better than no step. Talk to trusted family and friends, or ask Psychologist Dr Lim

My mind is spiralling. What can I do?

My mind is spiralling. What can I do? Do you find yourself over-thinking and over-analysing, or feeling confused and overwhelmed?  You can write down what’s on your mind. Our grandparents called it writing a diary. Psychologists use the term journaling. it’s the same thing. Some people draw a mind-map and find pleasure in the creative […]

Is culture adding to your stress?

Is culture adding to your stress? If so, you’re not alone. And if you think it is, it likely is.Culture and relationshipsCultural differences are like personality differences, in some ways. They bring into a relationship an inherent richness as well as its share of hidden challenges.Cultural differences are often first seen as personal flaws of […]

How do I know when to see a psychologist?

How do I know when to see a psychologist? Some people may be reluctant to admit their struggle with mental illness or unaware of the signs and symptoms.In fact, society has only very recently recognised that mental illness is like any other illness.Anyone can develop a mental illness, including psychologists! Each year, 1 in 5 […]

Eight everyday actions for a healthy body and mind

Eight everyday actions for a healthy body and mind Sleep and rest – the most important thing, be mindful of sleep hygiene. Enjoy some sunshine – it’s free and produces happy hormones. Get some fresh air into your lungs and clear your mind. Try to sit in a part of the house that gets some […]

Can mental ill health be treated?

Can mental ill health be treated? Responding to early signs of a mental illness means treatment can be most effective. Like physical illness, you are not alone and you don’t have to be alone, there is always hope and help. Causes of mental ill-health Behaviours eg risk-taking, illicit drugs, too much caffeine. Environmental – family […]

Burning out?

Burning Out? You work hard and smart, but never feel appreciated… You are smart and hardworking, and you have high standards. Others praise you as a high-achiever, and that spurs you on even more. But you don’t ever feel that you are quite enough – not smart enough, not working hard enough, not achieving enough. […]